Phase 1B - Tier 1: First responders, Emergency Services, and Public Health Infrastructure
Protecting those who keep us safe and help us during an emergency

  • Non-Patient Facing Public Health Infrastructure: Administrators and staff at federal, state, or local public health agencies and other healthcare workers who carry out functions necessary to the operation of the state’s healthcare infrastructure that were not included in 1A.This group includes morticians, undertakers, embalmers, crematory operators and other related occupations.
  • First Responders: All federal, state, and/or local first responders beyond EMS/EMTs in 1A, including law enforcement, fire services, corrections, and certain social service agencies.
  • Emergency Management and Public Works: Federal, state, or local government employees in emergency management and public works agencies, identified nonprofit organizations designated as partner voluntary agencies.
  • Emergency Services Sector: Employees defined in the emergency services sector not otherwise listed, including law enforcement, fire and rescue services, emergency medical services, emergency management, and public works.
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Phase 1B - Tier 2: High-Risk Individuals
Protecting those who are at increased risk for severe illness

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Phase 1B - Tier 3: Critical Infrastructure
Protecting those who keep the essential functions of society running