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The Missouri Vaccine Navigator is intended to help individuals navigate the COVID-19 vaccination process. This tool may not capture every event in your area, so we encourage you to engage with your local public health officials and health care facilities to learn more.


Important Note:

We encourage individuals to register online if they have the ability. To ensure that the vaccine is available to all Missourians, regardless of internet and computer access, we have staff available to help individuals register through our COVID-19 hotline at (877) 435-8411.(877) 435-8411.

Step 1


Sign up to receive a patient ID number, which will help you enter the scheduling feature of the Navigator.

Step 2


Identify events in your area, and Make an Appointment.

Step 3

Begin Vaccination

Receive Dose 1 of the COVID-19

Step 4

Get Second Dose

Return to the same provider for Dose 2 of the vaccine (Moderna or Pfizer only).

Resident FAQs

If you do not have an email, please provide a cell phone or landline so our COVID-19 Hotline team can reach out to you to schedule your appointment for you when you are eligible.
  • If you provided a cell phone number for a smart phone, then you will still receive all the scheduled appointment and vaccination received confirmations
  • If you provided only a landline or cell phone number for a non-smart phone, then you will need to contact the COVID-19 Hotline at (877) 435-8411 to have your scheduled appointment or vaccination confirmation information provided verbally over the phone
• If there are no appointments on your scheduling page, select “None of these appointments work for me” to receive a reminder to schedule at a later date. Additionally, new appointments are added every day so please check back periodically using the scheduling link provided in your invite email or click here.

There are two ways to get the vaccine. It’s your choice.
Have more questions? Call us at 877-435-8411.

Register on the Navigator and we will reach out to you with available appointments.

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Check out the most up-to-date list of vaccinators with supply in your area to schedule with them directly.
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Missouri is now vaccinating those age 12 and up.
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